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Meet Jax

"Hi, you may recognize me as the face of your dog's favorite snack, Pupchips! Believe it or not, I'm the reason they exist.  You see, I'm to cool for tricks; shook there, spoke that.. and I've even rolled around the block a few times too, so I don't really need a training tool.  My best friend Kelly loves me so much that she created these dog snacks especially for me, just for being such an awesome friend!

She takes them with us everywhere we go; they're perfect for the park, beach, walks & road trips. 

It's hard to go all day between meals without eating anything.  You know that tide-you-over snack you have in the afternoon?  Now, when we're lounging after a long day, we can both be snacking on our favorite chips together.  Between you and me, I think mine's better."


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They're your best friend and sometimes they deserve a little something extra.  Pupchips are the perfect surprise snack to let them know you adore them just as much as they adore you.  It's the anytime, just because you love them snack.  Dog love is unconditional, why shouldn't yours be?

Just Because

Share Snack Time

It's hard to go all day between meals without eating anything.  You know that.  So does your dog. We want to give dog owners the opportunity to "share" snack time with their dogs. " Pupchips are the perfect, guilt-free treat so your dog can snack when you do.

Pupchips are the perfect "on the go" treat.  Great for... walks in the park, road trips and lazy afternoons.
At home or on-the-go.

Toss it in your bag and you're ready.


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